Are you crazy? Why would you want to do that? Do you poop in the woods?

With a little over 30 days before I begin my Appalachian Trail thru hike, there are a few burning questions that everyone wants to know- 1. Am I Crazy? 2.Why am I doing this? 3.Will I poop in the woods?

The short version- Probably. Why not? Yes.

As a tried and true socially awkward introvert, I’ve been responding with the short version above and realizing that there is a chance that you may be looking for a little more info on question number 2. If that’s correct, read on my friend.

Why Am I Thru Hiking?

  1. I am fundraising for Kay’s Kisses. This project is my dream. It started as a little thought seed planted over a year ago. That seed has been rolling around up in my head all this time and the little sprouts are finally growing. I want to help victims of domestic violence. I want to encourage literacy. I want to do SOMETHING. This is my way of doing something, of hopefully making a difference.
  2. I love being outside. Can’t get enough of it. I love mountains. I feel alive and exhilarated when I’m surrounded by natural beauty and breaking a sweat. I’ve loved hiking since taking Backpacking 101 in college (And yes, that is a real thing!) but being an adult has gotten in the way and I haven’t been out nearly as much as I would have liked. Time to make up for that!
    Backpacking 101 with my pal Leslie


  3. I already told you, I’m a socially awkward introvert. I love my friends and family, and I truly enjoy my time with them and care about everyone very deeply… BUT- I charge my batteries when I am alone. I also have a lot of perfectionist tendencies and an endless To-Do list. 5 months by myself- no Facebook, no email, no obligations, and a To-Do list with only item= 1.WALK… sounds like true perfection for an INTJ!
  4. I overly plan for EVERYTHING (including this trip…); I run through 5 scenarios for every situation and can’t possible make a single decision until I have read a minimum of 3 books on the topic and at least one opposing view. I recently heard the term “Analysis Paralysis” which is an incredibly accurate description.  As much as being incapable of planning out every detail on the trail terrifies me, I am also looking forward to the spontaneity of the trail. It’s actually completely impossible to plan for every situation and every weather scenario and that’s pretty exciting! The trail will teach me.

    Overpreparing? 2 hours a day on the dredmill with a 30lb pack.
  5. I love reading. Those days when the weather prevents me from hiking will be spent absorbing tons and tons of words without feeling guilty that I should be checking things off that darn To-Do list.
  6. I’ll definitely be doing some true walk-a-bout style soul-searching. I haven’t quite found my ‘fit’ in life, and there is a huge glowing knot in my belly that screams at me that there is something out there that I am truly meant to do. I think this journey is a big part of it. I know that sounds like silly hippy stuff, but its my truth.
  7. I thrive on challenge. Tell me it’s hard, tell me what percentage of people fail and I say “Sounds awesome, count me in!”.  And if you are a numbers person, here you go: less than 25% of people who set out to thru-hike the AT each year will finish. This hike will be an outrageous challenge both mentally and physically- and that thrills me. There is an extremely good chance I don’t make it to Katahdin. So what if I don’t? I am pretty stubborn so I do have that going for me- but I’m also giving myself room to “fail”. I’ve really enjoyed venturing into triathlon and endurance races, and I see this hike as a really big endurance race. I’m fueling my mind and body like I would a triathlon. It’s gonna be hard, I’m gonna hear negative self talk at some point, I might even be DFL. No problem. So why do I say I am giving myself room to FAIL?? I have a tendency to bulldoze my way through things that bring me no enjoyment simply because of that nagging obligation to finish everything I start. If I get out there and find myself hating every moment; If I am in extreme pain; If I am violently ill- maybe I quit. Maybe I don’t. Either way, I can’t wait to start!

**Readers- Tell me what you think! Will I make it to Katahdin? Why or Why not? Tell me below- all opinions welcomed!

27 thoughts on “Are you crazy? Why would you want to do that? Do you poop in the woods?

  1. I know when you set out to do something, you do it!! Full Throttle!! You are strong willed, and yes, stubborn..but you ALWAYS finish! And just know that all us back home, support and love you dearly! You can, and You will succeed! God , please watch over my sweet daughter as she accomplishes a feat, I myself would never even dream of.. Keep her safe, and let her feel our love when she needs it the most! Amen


  2. Because you are stubborn, focused and determined all qualities that I admire in you. I know you will be amazing!


  3. You will MAKE it…
    because this is who you are.
    You will poop.
    You will read.
    You are crazy like that.
    You will encounter amaaaazing magical, life changing moments.
    And you will live to write and talk about it.
    I am your NUMBER ONE fan.




  4. I am in awe of you!! Just the fact that you are willing, are training/planning, and will give this hike your best shot makes you a winner to all! Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. I can’t wait to hear the stories, (read the book?!). Michelle and I are planning to be at the finish line to celebrate!!

    If you can I would love to know more details like where do you replenish supplies through-out the journey?, will you have any contact with loved ones during the 5 months? , any break for like a hot shower or bed during the journey? If you get ill or seriously hurt, how do u get assistance? Since I have been talking to others about your adventure…these were the ?’s I have been asked…no one asked me the poop question….lol

    If others want to donate, what is easiest way?


    1. Thanks Cheryl!!
      I will mail my self supplies and restock at hostels and outfitters along the way. While on the trail I’ll never really be more than a few days away from a town, so I’ll be able to go as little or often as I need. Right now I’m planning on about every 4 days… I haven’t been practicing going without a shower so that may be the deciding factor for me 😂😂
      I will post updates and get in touch about weekly when I’m in town and on wifi, but I should have phone service for emergencies for most of the trail, with the exception of one 100 mile stretch that is more wilderness.
      If anyone would like to donate they can do so on the home page at
      Thanks for your support Cheryl! See you soon 🙂


  5. You will do it!! You will make it! It is a wonderful cause ~ you have an angel named Kay on your shoulder & she will inspire you to the end..


  6. I believe in you and you will make it! For some reason you don’t make it in person your heart will❤️ You are a brave woman. You have everyone’s love, support and prayers. Kay 💋will be with you as your guardian angel and keep you safe. The best of luck to you!


  7. In my book, you’ve already made it. I admire the heck out of you…always have…been in awe of your brain and soul. I am honored you helped me out today. No wonder you lifted heavy stuff like a boss. 30lb pack 2 hours on the treadmill. Wow.
    praying for you every single step of the way.
    Write the book.

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  8. Trish, I’m so proud of you!! You’re going to make it all the way to the end, I have faith! I’d be scared shitless, but I know your tenacious spirit is so much stronger than mine, and that will carry you through!

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  9. Oh Trish- you will SURELY make it. I am going to be praying for you and cheering you on through this incredible journey you are about to embark on. YOU are amazing. And gosh, I just loved reading your perspective on how you are approaching this trek, and I get it. I SO get it. This will not only be HUGE for making a difference in victim’s lives, but it will be transforming for YOU.

    You go girl. THIS is your purpose.

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  10. Trisha, No doubt you will hike all the way to Katahdin. Kay will be a very proud guardian angel guiding you all the way. I will look forward to reading about your amazing journey.


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