Quick update from Maine!

Hi everyone! 

Lots of rock climbing and bouldering in New Hampshire and Maine- always fortunate when there are “steps” to make it less slippery!
The perfect trail magic for me! Fall always makes me think of apples and cider and good times with my family.
A store kitty in Rangeley, Maine
Just wanted to give a quick update and let you all know I have passed the 2000 mile marker- woohoo! It’s bittersweet for me- It feels great to be in the home stretch, but I’m really going to miss the trail life and my trail friends. I’m enjoying my last few weeks in the woods and most likely will not have any other updates before I finish, so I just wanted to let you know I’m still out here 🙂 

I hope you will enjoy these photos as much as I am enjoying all of the beauty and splendor here in Maine. 

Can’t believe this is my last state line!

Wine with a view! The Saddleback Mountains were breathtaking.
So many feels! ❤️😭😱

11 thoughts on “Quick update from Maine!

  1. Trish! I was getting nervous! Either I missed an update or it’s been a while. So happy for the post! Such beautiful pictures. Fall can be bittersweet in and of itself. That it coincides with your last few weeks must feel quite breathtaking. Hope this time settles into your cells. Peace, Mary


  2. Unbelievable you are!!! Wow!! I’ve been thinking about you everyday and watching for you! Hurry!! The snow will be flying soon!! Lots of love and prayers for strength on your final miles!! You’ve got this!!


  3. Trish: I too am waiting for the bound version complete with the blog posts and photos! So amazed and inspired by you, your dedication. I am a friend of Kim. Congrats!


  4. ———————Trish,
    You inspire all of us w/ your endurance and power.
    The photos are breathtaking…
    and you always get one of kitty cats! Right?
    How will you ever come back into ‘Normal’ life?
    from Duluth.


  5. I have enjoyed reading about your journey and your photos are amazing. Bless you for doing this for Kay and all those that are in hurting relationships. I am beyond impresses with you and your trail buddies for the adventures you all have taken on the trail. (I am a fellow para friend of Kim’s)


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