1st Kay’s Kisses Event!


I am delighted to share with you that I am hosting the first Kay’s Kisses event this Saturday, December 9th. I will be working with Home Free out of Plymouth, MN. I will be setting up my own little store where the kids and families can come in and “shop” and take anything and everything that they want! I am so looking forward to this and cannot wait to share with you how it goes. I truly appreciate your generosity and please know that I would not be able to do it without your support! I look forward to sharing more details and photos with you after the event- please stay tuned 🙂

Learn more about Home Free here: http://www.missionsinc.org/support-us/in-kind-donations/home-free

**If you would like to make a donation to Home Free, please see this list of other things that they are looking for this Holiday Season.


If you know of another organization you would like to see Kay’s Kisses work with, please let me know in the comments- I want to share the love as much as possible.




Thank you!