And so it rains

Day 11: Bly Gap-Carter Gap 15 miles I survived my first whole day of hiking in the rain, AND had my first 15 mile day- woohoo! My hike was pretty uneventful otherwise, lots of climbing with elevations over 5,000. I was soaked to the bone and warmed up at camp. Shelley was just a few miles … More And so it rains

The Gear Post

During the past year of research and fawning over thru-hiker blogs, I have noticed one post that seems to be¬†absolutely crucial to every blog, and here it is- the obligatory gear post! Some of you gear nuts will geek out with me, but this might be pretty boring for the rest of you- but rest … More The Gear Post

Are you crazy? Why would you want to do that? Do you poop in the woods?

With a little over 30 days before I begin my Appalachian Trail thru hike, there are a few burning questions that everyone wants to know- 1. Am I Crazy? 2.Why am I doing this? 3.Will I poop in the woods? The short version- Probably. Why not? Yes. As a tried and true socially awkward introvert, … More Are you crazy? Why would you want to do that? Do you poop in the woods?

Lasers and Adele

The preparation for my trail journey (which begins¬†in just 76 days- in case you are counting :P), has been intense and seemingly endless. One of my trail concerns has been what to do about my contacts/glasses- I can’t imagine touching my eyeballs with my filthy amoeba-ridden trail fingers, and I can see myself going batty … More Lasers and Adele